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General Conditions

General Conditions for Car Rental in Spain

General Terms & Conditions for car rental agreement without driver (hereinafter the Agreement ) between Ibiza Green Car fitted with NIF No. J57852915, established in Calle Huelva 64th floor 1 ” Right ” (hereinafter Ibiza Green Car) and customer, whose details are set out on page 1 of the Contract (hereinafter the customer).

  • The minimum driver´s age is 21 years, with driving license of minimum  2 years
  • Drivers under 25 years or with a driving license between 1 to 4 years, will pay an extra fee of 10 Euros per day / maximum of € 60 per rental.
  • We accept payments with VISA, MasterCard, American Express credit cards
  • Payment shall not be permitted with debit card
  • The credit card must be in the name of the person listed as the main driver of the rental agreement

Our rates include :

  • VAT , Fees and Local Taxes
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Roadside Assistance 24 hours just in case run out of battery power the car.
  • Unlimited and free electric charges in any of our boots Green Car Club Network
  • Damage Insurance (CDW) insurance vehicle occupants and theft insurance

Payment terms are:

  • Customers are required to leave a deposit of 600 €

Our Rates do not include:

  • Additional Driver under 25 years / charge of  € 10 per day for each driver (maximum of 60 Euros per driver per rental)
  • Additional Driver 25 years and older / charge of  € 6  per day for each additional driver (maximum € 48 per rental per driver)

Maximum 3 drivers per contract!

  • Infant car seat Seat  or  Children Car Seat / charge of  € 4 per day for each car seat (maximum of 54 Euros per car seat per rental )

You can not travel outside of Ibiza

Important information

You must present your passport or identity card, driving license and valid credit card when collecting the vehicle.

Damage insurance (CDW) not included in any case of damage to tires, wheels, hubcaps, vehicle interior, interior and exterior rear view mirrors, glass, locks, low, clutch, engine crankcase, and radiator catalyst, keys lost, towing cab accident after displacement deposit for replacement vehicle or compensation for days of cessation of the car to repair.  You have to make a deposit of € 600 to be blocked in your credit card.

Not included in case of any damage resulting from misuse of the automatic gearbox, brake discs and pads and the aggravation continue to run under these conditions.

Generally not included in any case the breakdown, damage and / or losses as a result of negligence, improper use by drivers of vehicles, and produced as a result of not following the manufacturer’s instructions. In particular faults resulting from failure to follow the warnings indicated by the on board instruments (net of temperature, witnesses immediately stop, etc..) are excluded.

The return of the vehicle with more than 59 minutes after the time to hire the contract will be a charge of 35 € per day and more days corresponding to the additional rental amount (with a minimum of 35 € and a day rent).

The rent is not necessarily performed related to a particular vehicle (make, model, color, equipment, etc..) But a group of vehicles similar technical characteristics and habitability.

If the vehicle gets a ticket during the period of validity of this agreement you will be liable for the amount of the fine, plus a fee of € 35 is made ​​for fine management.

Ibiza Green Car reserves the right to cancel delivery of the vehicle in case of doubts about the financial capacity of the client or the history of defaults or serious incidents Ibiza Green Car


The client receives the rented vehicle described in the Rental Agreement, in perfect working condition, with all its documents, tires, tools and accessories and undertakes to keep and drive the vehicle to meet the standards of the Highway Code and the provided in the General Conditions.


Length of contract is reproduced at page 1 of the same, showing the date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle specified. Rental days counted for periods of 24 hours from the exact time that the customer has rented the vehicle and to the reception of the vehicle, its keys and documentation from Ibiza Green Car.  The grace period on repayment vehicle will be 59 minutes. Your lease can have a maximum of 89 days. If the client decides to terminate the tenancy before the date specified in the Rental Agreement shall not be entitled to a refund of the amount for the days not use the vehicle.


The customer is obliged to return the vehicle at the date and time stated in the preceding paragraph. If the customer wishes to extend the rental period must be reported via e-mail with Ibiza Green Car ( ibizagreencar@gmail.com ) to coordinate a day and time to sign the extension personally. No contract can be extended by phone, or by any other means of electronic communication. In any case the amount deposited in a deposit may be used for an extension thereof. Thus, if the contract the customer shall be extended an additional payment for said extension. If the contract could not be extended for unavailability of vehicles or for any other reason, the customer must return the vehicle at the date and time agreed. Depending on the initial conditions of the contract may be necessary to request an extension of the same for a new contract considered extinct at that time the current contract.


The customer will return the rented vehicle in the same condition in which it was delivered and all its documents, tires, tools and accessories to the place, date and time specified in your lease. Customer may not modify any technical feature of the vehicle, keys, equipment, tools and / or accessories thereof, or make any changes to its exterior and / or interior. Otherwise, the customer shall bear the relevant costs to return the vehicle to its original state without prejudice to any damages arising from Ibiza Green Car vehicle overhaul by the time it had to be immobilized and any other caused to Ibiza Green Car.


The return of the vehicle in different date and time established in the contract empowers Ibiza Green Car to collect the full amount of the rental fee for the additional days overdue, plus a penalty amount as economic damages caused by, amounting to 35 € per day of delay.

  1. Similarly the return or abandoning the vehicle in place other than specified in the Contract, empowers Ibiza Green Car to require:
  2. the amount corresponding to the extra days needed for recovery of the vehicle and its availability to rent rent;
  3. plus 35 € per day compensation for the damages and economic damages
  4. plus the costs of relocation / crane, tolls and save / custody-where they exist-to the place agreed in the contract to return the same as provided in Annex I.

Ibiza Green Car reserves the right to bring legal actions that are relevant to any course of disappearance or failure to return the vehicle to the competent authorities fall on the customer all responsibility for the legal and legal consequences that may arise. The unilateral extension by the customer on the length of the contract shall be considered himself as an illegal use of the vehicle for purposes of the customer’s responsibility to submit any damage the vehicle.


6.1 Payments:

The customer agrees to pay Ibiza Green Car:

a) The vehicle rental charges, delivery and return, insurance, and fees determined in the current rate of Ibiza Green Car (hereinafter General Rate) has been notified to the customer. The application rate initially agreed, is subject to the return of the vehicle is made in the place, date and time provided. Rates may vary depending on the season so before you hire a vehicle the customer’s responsibility to verify rate is applied.

b) Any other application concepts to the client according to contractual and commercial terms offered by Ibiza Green Car.

6.2 Bis.-

The customer agrees to Ibiza Green Car made ​​after completion of rental, through electronic payment systems or other collection system without your express permission, charges for the following items:

a) When to return the vehicle, it needs intensive and thorough cleaning due to the state that is returned, Ibiza Green Car will collect, at its discretion, up to 150 € for SPECIAL CLEANING .

b) All charges for lost documents and car keys, and / or shipping, the set of keys of the vehicle to the appropriate office , in case of loss, damage, returning the keys of the vehicle other than the date effective return of the vehicle, or any other situation that the vehicle stopped along attributable customer amounting to 230 € reasons.

c) The amount of conveyance of the vehicle with a crane when needed.

d) The costs of the loss, deterioration or damage to wheels, tires (including punctures and blowouts), tools, panes , mirrors, accessories, vehicle interior. e)     The tolls, fines, penalties and legal expenses incurred for traffic violations or laws, regulations or ordinances (including congestion charges or limitation of traffic where they exist,) incurred by the client during the term of this Contract have been satisfied by Ibiza Green Car.

f) Notwithstanding the foregoing Ibiza Green Car reserves the right to make the customer an additional charge of 35 € for the costs of processing and communication with the relevant authorities of such acts .

g) The cost of repairing the damage caused to the vehicle in case of accident, when any of the following circumstances occur:

  • The vehicle is not operated according to the conditions.
  • That part of accident-either as’ accident report ‘-o-DAA’ Report Siniestro’-not been completed and sent to Ibiza Green Car within the prescribed period, or fails to meet reality of those events occurring.
  • The damage is the result of an accident because the customer has not properly evaluated the vehicle height.
  • Not be covered by insurance (see 8.).

The amount of the charge is made to the customer for damage to the vehicle, is calculated taking into account the valuation carried out by external expert cabinet Ibiza Green Car, or when it can not be done a priori such quantification, the resulting amount will be charged a first assessment performed by qualified personnel according Ibiza Green Car price list published in Annex I of these conditions, the existence and amounts acknowledges the client, being satisfied with them. All this is to apply without prejudice to any subsequent settlement and adjustment, once obtained a repair estimate by a workshop or an appraisal performed by an expert, external enclosure to Ibiza Green Car Green Car Ibiza likewise reserves the right to charge the customer for compensation for loss of profit by the immobilization of the vehicle as a result of the damage. Such compensation shall be calculated on the number of days needed to invest in repairing the vehicle, set by external expert in Ibiza Green Car or once the repair, computing one day for each eight hours of work invested by the repair shop and used as a basis for quantifying the contracted daily occupancy rate plus € 30 extra per day under the above provision as the days of stoppage of the vehicle with the same consideration that is not returned within the period agreed. Customer’s maximum liability shall be the value of the vehicle in the market, the maximum price established in the guide Ganvam force at the time of the accident.

6.3 Payment Method:

The credit card with which you have made ​​the booking must be presented by the owner at the time of delivery of the vehicle. The cardholder is likewise the main driver of the vehicle must request an additional driver if not or can not drive. The payment of rental and the various additional concepts will be made in the currency chosen by the client, accepting multicurrency operations, subject to the conditions of the Banking Entity that manages the payment.


Rental rates include coverage of Mandatory Car Insurance and Supplementary Liability for damages against third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle. These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurer with the Green Car Ibiza has subscribed the corresponding insurance policy and are subject to general and specific clauses of the same and the law. By signing the rental agreement as the client adheres secured to said policy. Similarly own damages are covered vehicle produced as a result of collision, theft , vandalism or accidental fire provided that the following conditions are met: The client, in case of collision, send Ibiza Green Car within forty-eight hours after the incident, full details of the other party and any witnesses produced by completing an accident report, as a ‘ Declaration friendly accident ‘ -DAA – detailing tuition, the name and address of the opposing party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurer and, where possible, the insurance policy number, all it signed by the two drivers involved in the accident, or, if not having it, the ‘ Report of Loss ‘, which will be facilitated by Ibiza Green Car

a) Not the insurance company rejects the claim, as a result of not driving the vehicle at the physical and psychological conditions required by the Highway Code.

b) The collision, theft, fire or vandalism has not been produced during the course of an unauthorized use, as listed in section 10 and

c) The client has made ​​known to Ibiza Green Car collision, theft, fire or vandalism occurred in the vehicle within forty-eight hours after the same result by providing the relevant documentation (accident report, the complaint authorities, etc.)


a) Damage to tires, rims, vehicle interiors, exterior mirrors, crystals and downs.

b) Punctures and tire blowouts.

c) The days of stoppage of the vehicle until repaired.

d) Tow costs.

The coverage of such insurance or guarantees shall be valid only if the client fulfills the conditions stated above for own vehicle damage.

7 Bis -. Guests are required to leave a deposit set by Green Car Ibiza which reserves the right to use that deposit for both the damage done to the car pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs as any other charge that is to be made by the client after any of the events referred to in these conditions.


In case of accident, the customer agrees to:

  • The client, in case of collision, send Ibiza Green Car within forty-eight hours after the incident, full details of the other party and any witnesses produced by completing an accident report, as a ‘ Declaration friendly accident ‘ -DAA – detailing tuition, the name and address of the opposing party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurer and, where possible, the insurance policy number, all it signed by the two drivers involved in the accident, or, if not having it, the ‘ Report of Loss ‘, which will be facilitated by Ibiza Green Car

a)    Immediately notify the authority if the guilt of the other party should be investigated or if people are injured .

b)    Do not leave the rented vehicle, without taking adequate measures to protect.

  • If vandalism, fire, theft or disappearance of the vehicle the client undertakes to immediately inform the Green Car Ibiza fact occurred and attend to the relevant authorities, the complaint, a copy of which shall submit to Ibiza Green Car at the earliest.


It will be the customer using the vehicle with due diligence, in accordance with its characteristics, respecting the rules of movement of motor vehicles and avoiding force, in any event, any situation that may cause damage to the vehicle or third parties. It is also a no obligation vehicle driving permit any person other than those authorized under this contract, being directly responsible for the client for any damage or injury caused to the vehicle or third party in such case. Cualquier caso que incumpla lo establecido en estos párrafos se entenderá como uso no autorizado. The client fully liable for damages caused in inner and outer parts of the vehicle by unauthorized use thereof, in which case it is required to pay all costs incurred in accordance with the provisions in paragraph number 6. If a claim through the courts the customer shall pay all costs of such proceedings, lawyers, solicitors and legal costs although his speech is not procedurally required. Unauthorized use includes, and is not limited to, the following cases cited as examples: Pushing or towing any other vehicle. Circular on sites that are not fit for public transport such as beaches, motor circuits, forest tracks, roads, etc. Circulation unpaved or paved roads but with serious flaws, which could lead to damage to the underside of the vehicle. Circular with vehicle restricted areas, including in particular, airport runways and other pathways associated aeronautical use and / or military. Negligent performance against informers or ignition box warnings of the leased vehicle and the client declares to know the signature of this contract. Transportation of goods or animals, especially dangerous , flammable and / or harmful to the vehicle and its occupants substances. The transportation of persons or property directly or indirectly involves a payment to the customer. Subletting of the vehicle. The use of the vehicle in any activity contrary to the law. The transport of a number of people or amount exceeding the authorized vehicle for luggage. Any manipulation or intervention odometer, must immediately notify the Ibiza Green Car malfunctions. Transportation of luggage or anything on the car roof even using a suitable device for this. Put objects on view in the vehicle capable of being stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle. Trashing the vehicle beyond which implies a reasonable and careful use . Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness or under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs. Reckless driving. Using the vehicle for learning activities driving under any circumstances and / or teaching any special driving skills. Contrary to the rules of driving traffic. Driving the rental vehicle by an unauthorized contract either in the client / s and / or driver / additional person is / is. Drive the vehicle outside Ibiza, unless you have expressly signed the company in both cases permit and hire and pay the corresponding extraordinarily safe. Vehicle application after completion of the rental period.


The client must be in possession of a permit approved Driving force in Spain in the Customer being directly responsible for the validity and approval of driving must keep intact Ibiza Green Car for whatever purpose, and with a minimum period of FOUR years. At the same time, the age of the client will be TWENTY YEARS. When not meet both requirements, special conditions may be a surcharge shall be concluded.


All clients and / or additional authorized drivers will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations that arise from customer contract and applicable laws at the same.


Ibiza Green Car is not responsible for stolen, forgotten or lost items inside the vehicle.


At the time of signing the contract, the customer may be required to deposit an amount proportional to the rate to ensure compliance with the general and special conditions of the contract bond. In the event that the extension of the contract is agreed upon, such amount shall be increased proportionally to the number of days of delay. This amount will be refunded once it is completed after the appropriate checks and vehicle status and compliance with the general and special conditions of contract. To this it may be necessary to retain the deposit up to 15 days after the return of the vehicle


In the case of a vehicle for the transport of children under three years old or older who do not exceed the height of 150 inches, the customer must notify Ibiza Green Car to provide, upon payment of the appropriate fee and NO rent ANCHOR iN THE VEHICLE, the corresponding mandatory retention device approved in accordance with the weight and size of the child or person to use it. The installation will always be the same responsibility.


Ibiza Green Car right of early termination this Agreement with immediate effect and without compensation to the customer about the time you get your power reserves information: Put into serious question the financial soundness of the client and their ability to cope with the costs of this Agreement and the other obligations of the same are deducted. Demonstrate that the customer is in breach of its contract with Green Car Ibiza or making unauthorized vehicle collected in accordance with section 10 use.


For the purposes of the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data and services of the information society and electronic commerce, Ibiza Green Car informs you that your personal data will be incorporated into an automated database personal data created by and under the responsibility of the company, with address at Calle Huelva 64th floor 1st Right, San Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, in order to manage the rental of hired vehicles and to keep you promptly informed of all those deals, products and promotions, themselves or others that may be of interest, either by email or by any other equivalent mode. In the case of commercial communications by e-mail or equivalent you give your express consent to send advertising via this medium. This consent may be revoked at any time by written request to the address: Calle Huelva 1 Right 64th floor, San Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza or via email at the address ibizagreencar@gmail.com

Similarly, your data may be transferred to other companies in the sectors of transport and tourism now or in the future assist in the activities carried out Ibiza Green Car to develop promotional activities.

Finally, we inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, modification or cancellation by directed to the above address written request.


For any request for information or make any suggestion, complaint or complaints may be addressed to Ibiza Green Car department Customer Calle Huelva 64th floor 1st Right, San Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, or by e-mail to ibizagreencar@gmail.com


This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with Spanish law. Green Car Ibiza declares its intention to resolve any differences amicably. If this is not possible, any disagreement arising between Ibiza Green Car and the customer will be subject to the jurisdiction of the place where the rent is started.