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Our Fleet


All our cars are Renault ZOE 5 Seats, 100% electric.

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor (CV) 88
  • Battery (KWh) 22
  • Max speed (Km/h) 135
  • CO2 emissions (g/Km) 0
  • Boot capacity (VDA) min./max. (dm3): 338/1225

It has 60 Patents:

It´s features:

OPTIMEZER RANGE SYSTEM : 3 groups of innovations that make this autonomy the best in the world , these are:

1- New-Generation Regenerative Braking: This stores kinetic energy produced not only under deceleration but also under braking, then converts it into electrical current to charge the battery.

2- Heat pump: In addition to providing excellent thermal comfort in the cabin, the heat pump also optimises vehicle range.

3- Michelin Energy E-V Tyres: highly energy-efficient tyre which enhances vehicle range.

4- ZOE Range Optimizer: a system designed to optimize operational range under all driving conditions.

5- Temperature Pre-Conditioning: Programmable pre-conditioning can heat or cool ZOE’s cabin when the vehicle is connected to a source of electricity.

6- ECO Mode System : An “ECO ” key to decrease the dynamic performance and power of the air to gain autonomy.

7- ECO DRIVING : invites the driver to adopt a responsible driving ECO win allowing several tens of kilometers.


  • Free electric vehicle charging
  • Unlimited km
  • Open 24 hours
  • Car Return at the airport or at your hotel
  • Electric car charging points available 24h/365days


Third party insurance
Free unlimited uploads. NO FUEL!
Unlimited miles
24hs road assistance for battery discharge
Air conditioning
Rear parking sensor and cámara (Upon availability)
Capacity: 5 people, Number of doors: 5